Our history

The F & B was founded in 1982 thanks to the the input of its founding member Mr. Bisogni Luigi, to meet the increasing demand for quality and reliability in the engineering market.
The need expressed by many companies, which later became our Customers, was that of being able to count on a highly qualified, punctual, attentive and technologically advanced professional service, able to follow the evolution of the market and of the companies themselves, while providing a very high quality standard of products and services.
The F & B company is therefore born to provide the technical solution to the problems of manufacturers and users of machinery, equipment and industrial plants of various types, through the supply of spare parts, maintenance service, performance improvement and reliability of the machines, studies of specific design and applied engineering.
Several years of activity, continuous monitoring and analysis of the market, a constant search for improvement, have always characterized the entrepreneurial spirit of our company, and continuous growth, are the consequence of the great resources and technical professional skills of the F & B, today, our company, is one of the main player in Italy in the construction and industrial maintenance sector.
The FB’s core business is represented by high precision mechanical constructions supplying of spare parts realized through special processes, and by mechanical maintenance on equipment and plants in different industrial sectors including chemical, petrochemical, oil&gas, energy, pharmaceutical, food, mineral water, iron and steel, naval, cement, mining, paper, molding and related industries.
The activity of the F & B has always been carried out by a team who do their work with passion and professionalism, making their know-how available to the customer. Thanks to the considerable experience acquired during the years, the quality of the materials used, the use of modern equipment, special processes and highly qualified team employed in the machining and mechanical maintenance, the company is able to meet to the most different needs of the market.
Today the F & B is present, through its Customers, in the most prestigious sectors of mechanics, in particular where are required important qualitative characteristics for materials used, work cycles with high technological content, special processes, machining with high degree of precision, mechanical maintenance of equipment and systems with applied engineering.
We have always continuing to improve our standards in order to serve our customers by providing a very high added value in technical competence and reliability.